Kitchen Glass Splashbacks and Other Alternatives

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen glass splashbacks protect your kitchen wall from grease, water, and other kitchen mess with a wipe-clean screen installed on it. The material also offers insulation against heat and humidity. The splashback is often installed behind the stove and the sink when it comes to the kitchen. Aside from that, they are a handy feature behind any work area, whether as a protective measure or just a decorative measure.

Many of these items are functional and incredibly attractive additions to a kitchen design. Depending on their importance, they might be subtle style refinements or spectacular statement pieces.

Kitchen glass splashbacks types to consider

The choice of the material for your Kitchen Glass Splashbacks may be a tough one to make, especially when it comes to the design of your kitchen. However, the decision-making process does not end after you have finally settled on glass as your material of choice. You must now decide the sort of glass you want to use and which style would go best with your kitchen’s overall design scheme.

There are many different types of glass available, with toughened glass being the most common. In the contemporary kitchen, glass splashbacks have become so popular that they’re often the first choice.

But what is it about glass that makes it so popular? It offers a plethora of advantages that make it appealing to homeowners. Choosing glass as a splashback will provide you with a hygienic solution that will have no grout lines, is economical, and is available in an almost limitless number of colors and styles to choose from. A piece of artwork or a pattern for your glass splashback may help you create an even more unique design statement. Glass is also excellent at reflecting light. Which helps to give a sense of depth and space in the surrounding area of the kitchen.

Kitchen glass splashbacks are available in three common styles. We will provide a quick summary of each style to help you determine which one is best for your home and your budget.

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Toughened glass splashbacks

It is common for homeowners to choose toughened 6 mm safety glass since it is one of the most popular options. The utilized glass may be either clear, which has a natural green hue to it, or starphire glass.

Kitchen glass splashbacks-Starphire glass

Compared to other types of glass, starphire glass has a low iron content, which removes the natural green hue that some people may not like. This feature makes the ability to match light and warmer colors possible.

Mirrored glass splashbacks

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks made of mirrored glass are becoming more popular in kitchen renovations since they are attractive and provide several advantages. Silver, bronze, and smoky mirrored splashbacks are some of the numerous color options available for these heat-resistant splashbacks. A mirrored splashback, similar to clear glass, can help to give the impression of a larger area by reflecting light, making it an excellent alternative for smaller kitchens. Mirrors are also useful for adding flair to a space. They would look particularly good in an all-white kitchen.

Coloured-Glass Splashback

The durability and flexibility of colored glass splashbacks allow you to match them to any cabinet or paint color you choose. In the kitchen, regardless of whether you choose a dark or light tone, its reflection adds to the feeling of spaciousness. When it comes to upkeep, a coloured glass splashback is almost maintenance-free. All you need is some glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to keep it clean and shining.

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Are there any other choices available?

Engineered Stone

Using engineered stone as a Kitchen Glass Splashbacks is a really attractive option. And when the kitchen benchtop is covered in the same engineered stone, it gives off a sleek and sophisticated vibe. In comparison to other kitchen splashback materials, engineered stone is recommended for its ease of cleaning and upkeep. As well as its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. Every year, new colors, styles, and patterns are introduced into the collection.

Natural Stone Splashback

Granite and marble are both attractive and timeless natural stone splashback options that are available. Consider utilizing granite for your kitchen countertop. Then extending its usage as a kitchen splashback to give your kitchen a streamlined appearance. In addition to being very durable, granite is a simple material to clean and maintain. On the other hand, granite requires less care and is very resistant to heat and stains.

Stainless steel

In addition to reflecting light like a mirror, stainless steel kitchen splashbacks are very robust and will not need to be replaced for a long time. An industrial-style splashback made of stainless steel will give your kitchen a modern edge.

A splashback made of acrylic

The versatility of acrylic splashbacks makes them ideal for use in a modern or contemporary kitchen. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes. A strikingly elegant finish is provided by acrylic splashbacks that are both simple to install and easy to keep clean. They are ideal for use in both kitchen and bathroom renovation projects.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Why choose kitchen glass splashbacks?


Glass splashbacks are available in a wide variety of colors, including a selection of high-quality paints and colors that may be found in the standard RAL color chart. The splashback will match the rest of your decor. You’ll have a lot of fun making it. Because of their light-reflecting properties, kitchen glass splashbacks may give the appearance of making even the tiniest kitchen area look bigger and more spacious.


Kitchen Glass Splashbacks are more expensive than tiled splashbacks initially. But toughened glass is more robust and may be kept in place for many years following installation. Unlike glass splashbacks, tiles, on the other hand, will need frequent re-grouting and re-tiling to maintain their aesthetic over time, making them a more costly buy in the long term than glass.

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