Roller Shutters Installation and Lubrication Guide

Roller Shutters

There are various configurations of roller shutters that may be put on your property, depending on the windows there. A simple, economical, and effective method of boosting security in a specific area is using roller shutters. 

How to install roller shutters?

Professional installation, as well as do-it-yourself installation, are also options. Professional installation is still the best option since DIYers are likely to make several blunders that may wind up costing them more money in the long run.

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Roller Shutters

Taking measurements for roller shutters

Roller shutters do not come in a “standard size.” For each window or door opening, precise measurements must be taken to guarantee that the door is the right fit, runs smoothly, and offers enough thermal insulation.

Take note of any pipes, ductwork, or other obstructions above or directly adjacent to the entrance that may need to be removed or accommodated in the installation design before moving on with construction.

  • Check the level of the floor. Is this even possible? Is it possible that a water collection problem may occur if an outdoor entrance causes the floor to slope away from the door?
  • Check to see that any supporting steelwork, masonry, or other structures are in excellent shape.
  • If the shutter is to be put over a door or a window, can the door or window be opened once the shutter is installed?
  • Check to see where the closest power source is located before proceeding. If you know what power supply it is, you may determine which side of the power source would be the best place to install the shutter controls. It is customary to place the controls on the side of the power source that is closest to it.
  • The fact that there may be a variation in size between the actual functional size of the shutter/door after it has been installed must be considered once the shutter/door has been placed after the structural opening size has been taken into consideration. The actual working height of a shutter barrel, for example, would be lower than the structural height of the opening if it were to be installed inside the reveal.

Roller shutter professional installations

The installation of roller shutters is not something that a layperson can do. Their weight is considerable. They are operated by a variety of rolling tracks, tension springs, and other mechanisms that must be carefully positioned throughout the installation process to ensure proper operation. The motor components of roller shutters must be installed appropriately for the shutters to operate properly.

When installing roller shutters, working with numerous chains and spring coils may be dangerous if you are not cautious. And accidents can occur throughout the roller shutter installation process if you are not careful. Although roller shutters that have been placed make life easier for individuals, the actual process may be laborious and even dangerous at times. A professional would have had previous experience and training in the installation and maintenance of roller shutters. He would know where everything goes and what has to be done. A professional is your best option when it comes to installing roller shutters correctly and without risk.

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Roller Shutters

Installing Roller Shutters Requires the Use of the Correct Tools

Roller shutter installation necessitates the use of tools that most homeowners. Those who are not professionals would not have. Not only do the necessary tools need to be in place. So do the knowledge and skills to put those tools to use. Tools such as step ladders, extension ladders, scaffolding, drill bits. Levels are necessary for roller shutter installation projects. 

Then there’s nothing to be concerned about since these professionals will oversee everything from obtaining measurements to ensuring that the installation is done correctly.

Lubricating roller shutters

It is necessary to ensure that your roller shutter is properly functioning before proceeding. Examine it for signs of wear or damaged pieces. Pulling the emergency cord on your automatic door opener will disengage the device. Your roller shutter should now be able to be raised and lowered without exerting too much effort on your part. A hefty, difficult-to-open door might indicate a far more serious issue than a loud door.


Apply a little amount of oil to each hinge. Pay attention to the parts that move. Lubrication should also be applied to the brackets located at the top and bottom of the roller shutters. It is sufficient to use a modest quantity.

Roller Shutters


Rollers need just a little bit of lubrication, if any at all. It is more important to be useless in this situation.


Both extension and torsion spring systems must be oiled regularly to function properly. Lubrication aids in the reduction of friction between steel coils. Once completed, roller shutters will function at a much-reduced level of noise. Simply add a little amount of oil to the spring, beginning at the very top of the spring. Then, using a cloth, work the oil into the spring all over it. It’s critical to brush away any extra oil afterward to avoid it seeping into the motor. This maintenance is required before both the winter and summer seasons. And that’s because excessive humidity may accelerate the rusting process on steel components.


Each horizontal segment of the roller shutter track should be lubricated with a small amount of oil. Because of how the rollers move on the rails, they will assist in spreading the oil.

Lubricating the roller shutters is a DIY task, but you can hire a professional for it a few times a year. You shouldn’t use lubricating oils such as WD40 on roller shutters. If you are not sure of the ideal lubricating material for your roller shutter, contact the manufacturer or the suppliers immediately. 

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