Roller Shutters Installation Locations You Must Know

Roller Shutters

It’s likely that if you’ve ever seen roller shutter doors at all, it was at a shopping mall late at night when the stores were closed. Most of them use steel roller shutters to secure their entrances and prevent theft from occurring. Additionally, the shutters are a practical method to close the business since they are simple to operate.

The fact that roller or rolling shutters have made their way into homes for the same reasons they have made their way into businesses may come as a surprise. Aluminum roller shutters are used in residences instead of steel roller shutters since they are lighter and less loud than steel. 

Almost every door or window size or shape may be accommodated with roller shutters, from little service hatches to enormous conference room doors. However, you may be shocked to learn that roller shutters are being employed as a security option at these five places.

Roller Shutters

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1. Bar Counters

What is the best way to secure a narrow bar counter when service has ended? Of course, with the help of a sturdy aluminum roller shutter.

Counters in bars and restaurants in commercial buildings are often a source of weakness. If the counter is left unlocked, it is simple for someone to slip over the top and help themselves to the stock on the other side. Doors, windows, and other openings may be closed and locked.

This may be prevented by installing a roller shutter along the length of the counter. Manually controlled shutters are usually used instead of automatic shutters, and they are simply lowered when it is time to close the shop. They are securely fastened to prevent them from being lifted by anybody.

2. Serving Hatches

Bar counters and the serving hatches seen in food courts and drive-thrus have many flaws. For the second time, roller shutters are used to seal the hatch opening after business hours, which is a solution to the problem. They are fast and straightforward, yet they create a significant barrier to would-be robbers.

Employees may continue to work on administrative tasks behind the shutters without being interrupted by consumers. As a bonus, roller shutters provide a high degree of security, which is particularly crucial when cashing out for the day, which may be dangerous for both employees and company owners.

Shutters for national chains are often ordered in colors that mirror the clearly distinguishable corporate colors of the company, allowing them to blend in with the specified shop fitting standards. It is common practice to equip automatic shutters with a manual override mechanism that may be used in the event of a power failure until the generators can be turned on.

Roller Shutters

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3. Canteens

Several sections of canteens in offices and industries must be protected to prevent shrinkage. The supply storage facility must be kept under lock and key to prevent theft. This part of the kitchen must be kept off-limits to deter people from walking in and helping themselves to the food. Then there are the serving counters to consider.

Roller shutter doors provide the best security solution for all of these situations. You can use them with ease; they open and shut rapidly, and they may be used to produce a secure lock-down if that is desired. The remote control used to open and close automated shutters can only be given to specific employees, who are responsible for ensuring they stay safe.

4. Medical Dispensaries

Pharmacy chains in hospitals, pharmacies inside supermarkets, medical centers, and major corporations with medical facilities are all obliged to keep drugs and other potentially hazardous chemicals locked away. It shouldn’t surprise us that many of them use roller shutters to do this.

Supply rooms, service counters, and consultation rooms may all benefit from roller shutters to keep them safe. Roller shutters are exceedingly difficult to remove after being rolled down to the ground level, making them one of the most secure methods to protect these sensitive locations.

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