Shower Screen Melbourne Trends for Modern Bathrooms

Shower Screen Melbourne

Using a shower screen Melbourne is a simple way to keep the rest of the bathroom clean and dry while keeping the shower area enclosed. The shower may be completely or partly enclosed, depending on the kind of screen and the layout and dimensions of the bathroom.

Prices for shower screens are influenced by the materials used in their production. Shower screen Melbourne made from high-quality and locally produced materials may cost more, but they are long-lasting and sturdy, making the money invested go a long way.

Glass shower screen Melbourne

Tempered (or toughened) glass is the most common type of safety glass used in shower screens Melbourne. A combination of heat and cold temperatures is rapidly applied to create this form of glass. The technique reinforces the glass, but it also allows the tempered glass to shatter more safely. Because tempered glass shards are less harmful than standard glass shards in the event of a break, it is an excellent option for high-traffic areas like the restroom. Another common shower screen material is laminated glass. Laminated glass, which consists of two sheets of glass adhered together, is best used in a shower screen that is entirely framed.

The cost of a shower screen Melbourne can vary depending on the kind and shape of the glass used. Low-iron glass, which doesn’t have the green tinge of regular glass, is a more expensive choice than conventional clear glass. Shower screens with frosted or textured and sandblasted glass, for example, may enhance both the price and the amount of seclusion.

The thickness of the glass panel is another factor to take into account when calculating the cost of a screen. The minimum thickness of glass for a completely framed or partially framed shower screen will be 5 millimetres in Australia. For a frameless screen, it will be 10 millimetres. However, the option is dependent on safety profile and desire, and this will have an impact on the final cost.

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Shower Screen Melbourne

Current shower screen Melbourne trends

There are a wide variety of shower enclosure items to select from as shower areas become more popular. To give you an idea of what’s hot or not, here are some of the latest shower screen Melbourne trends:

Shower screens Melbourne are the new shower curtains

A shower curtain isn’t particularly successful in controlling water in a shower area in a contemporary bathroom design. They are also more difficult to clean and need careful attention when it comes to making them function within the overall design of the space. Contrary to this, shower screens do a better job of keeping the bathroom dry while also looking more stylish.

Semi-frameless shower screen Melbourne

A semi-frameless shower screen Melbourne features glass panels that are only framed on certain sides, the framed sides depending on the type and the desired design of the shower enclosure. Because of the decreased amount of frames, they are excellent choices for bathrooms with limited space. All the way up to $900 for a two-panel corner variant, semi-frameless shower doors are available in a range of widths and prices.

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Shower Screen Melbourne

Shower enclosures with framed glass

For a classic shower screen Melbourne, the fully framed shower screen is usually what comes to mind. If there are any doors or edge panels, they are enclosed inside the frame. A chrome-plated or anodized metal alloy, such as 6463, is often used for the frame. Low-cost solutions are available for as little as $220 for a fully framed shower screen. A premium model will run you roughly $500 for a 900 mm by 900 mm unit.

Shower doors with a half-height railing

This kind of shower screen Melbourne is perfect for those with restricted mobility since it has a half-height shower area. Besides providing a good water barrier, they also enable caregivers to help if needed from outside the shower. Half-height shower screens are often made with a fully-framed construction to increase their sturdiness and use. Prices for half-height shower screens may vary widely, but a screen between 1500 and 2000 mm wide costs around $800.

Shower screens with frosted glass panels

Frosted shower screens in Melbourne can have a full-frame, a half-frame, or no frame at all. The glass used in frosted shower screens is opaque. Frosted shower screens provide a variety of design options because of the many opacities, patterns, and designs that may be applied to achieve the desired aesthetic. Glass that has been frosted is more costly than glass that has not been frosted, although it’s hard to estimate just how much more expensive frosted glass is.

Shower Screen Melbourne

Shower doors with no frames

Modern bathrooms often have frameless showers, which are highly sought after for their sleek, barely-there appearance. Removed frame lines aesthetically open up any bathroom design while retaining a complete water stop and distinction between wet and dry bathroom sections. Although the price of a frameless shower screen may vary greatly depending on the kind of glass used, there are some basic rules to follow. An 800mm by 600mm rectangular frameless shower screen may cost between $500 and $600, while a 1000mm x 1000mm type can cost up to $800.

Shower doors with glass walls for easy access

The open, sleek, and minimalist look of walk-in shower screens are a popular design choice in contemporary bathrooms. In a walk-in shower, the wet area may either be sloped toward an adjacent wall or a threshold drain can be installed around the shower’s perimeter to prevent water from leaking into the bathroom. A freestanding shower screen Melbourne, which costs between $200 and $300, is another option.

Customized shower stalls are also available

Shower screens made to order are a terrific way to have a screen that matches your bathroom’s style and decor exactly. You can also change the widths, heights, materials, colours, and types of glass used in the shower screen Melbourne. Custom shower screens may cost anywhere from $500 to a couple of thousand dollars, and it’s impossible to provide an accurate cost estimate because of the many factors involved.

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